The Price That He Paid
Northwood   -  

It is Easter.
Jesus had a borrowed grave, dead in that tomb, he was wrapped from head to toe. A stone has been placed against it to keep everyone out, but God would have the final say about that tomb and that stone. God would speak and act against the sting of death and it would be removed. The victory of the grave would be denied, and Jesus would rein in absolute authority over everything.

But the tomb couldn’t hold Him, and that stone was rolled away, not just to keep Jesus in but to keep man out. But I tell you I have been to the tomb, and He is not there. Stalin is still there. Lennon is still there. Mohammed is still there. Buddha is still there, but Jesus is not in His tomb, because God raised Him from the dead and He walked a champion through the gates of hell and Hades on that weekend and set the people free. His name was Jesus. Jesus, the Nazarene, the Conqueror of Calvary!