Let The Church Be The Church – Guest Speaker, Rev. W.A. Mills
Northwood   -  

Like Elisha the prophet warns us, without the Holy Spirit the Church can NOT be the CHURCH…we’re swinging our axe with every ministry in our church, but how effective are we really being?

WE MUST be Spirit led and induced! …you can’t borrow anointing, you must OWN your on axe, the Holy Spirit / the cutting edge!

We are to be on the cutting edge of the Holy Spirit is doing, but we must be CAREFUL …the Anointing can be LOST!

Just like the axe head was lost in the water, WE HAD IT, BUT WE LOST IT….…the good news is THE AXE HEAD was RECOVERED. (2 KINGS 6:6) The cutting edge can be recovered… listen to this powerful message on how you can get it back.