Operation Christmas Child

October 17 - November 21  |  Northwood Temple Worship Center

4250 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC, USA

Each shoebox you pack helps a local church around the world tell a child about Jesus, God’s Greatest Gift. Many of them will grow in their faith and learn how to tell friends and family about Him through our discipleship program called The Greatest Journey.

In sending the Gospel to the ends of the earth, we are also sharing God’s Word with dozens of unreached people groups and going to hard-to-reach places to make His Name known.

— Franklin Graham
President, Samaritan’s Purse

This year Northwood Temple has set a goal of 500 Shoe Boxes. Click HERE to visit our goal page and watch our boxes grow.

Below you will find details on what to include in your boxes and how they need to be packed. You may pick up boxes from either foyer on Sundays or during office hours throughout the week. Once packed, bring your boxes to church. On Sunday, November 21st, we will dedicate the boxes, praying over them, before sending them on their way.