Usher Ministry

Northwood Temple’s Usher Ministry is a service oriented branch of our Men’s Ministries. Ushers serve the Pastor and the congregations by ensuring implementation of supportive actions that enhance orderly God worshipping services.
Ushers reach out to welcome and befriend worshippers as they enter our services. They are a resource of church information for those with questions or concerns. Ushers assist with seating during worship services and special events. They are responsible for locating those who are first- time visitors, and presenting them with a visitor’s card. Ushers are responsible for receiving the tithes and offerings. During services, they are ever alert for situations that may require assistance.  They are also responsible for helping to maintain an orderly and reverent atmosphere for worship. Ushers present themselves wherever their help is needed during altar services. Ushers distribute the elements during Communion. At the conclusion of services, ushers make it a point to impart warmth and friendliness as people leave the church.
Men interested in serving with this viable ministry should contact a member of our Pastoral Staff or an Usher Captain for guidance.