when God says No

November 14, 2017

Following the Texas massacre a week ago, there seemed to be a prevailing mood in the country about the effectiveness of prayer. A number of people said, “We don’t need more thoughts and prayers. What we need is more legislation.” Do we assume that they just think that God cannot answer or does not answer? When the world is hurting around us if there is any one thing that we need to do, it is to pray. The skeptics seem to assume that the amount of evil and suffering in the world cannot be matched with the traditional view of a good and loving God. Therefore, many of them adjust their views of God, redefine His love or question His power to counter evil.
Whenever you see suffering coming at you, plant your feet firmly on the ground and face your foe. Do not run with the crowd and believe as they believe. Do not forfeit your ability to pray. Pray with all your might! He said, “When you call upon Me, I will answer you” (Ps. 91:15). Many times He answers in one of three ways: “YES,” “NO,” “LATER.”
St. Paul lights my fire! He said that a messenger from Satan came to buffet him, causing him great distress. Three times he asked for deliverance and God refused him each time. He obviously realized that God would use this problem to strengthen him when God said, “My grace is sufficient for you” (2 Cor. 12:9).
When setbacks come to you, God will use that problem to help you become stronger and give you the victory. This coming Sunday will be an exciting time of worship, especially in the 11 o’clock service. We have asked the Spanish congregation to join us. Our music will be a mixture of Anglo and Spanish. It will be exciting. You will see their children and young people worshiping together with us. The message I preach will be translated so that all can understand. It will be a tremendous time.
This past Sunday was an exciting time of worship. The Lord moved upon us and we saw great things happen. I look forward to seeing you this coming Sunday.


Your Pastor,
John Hedgepeth

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