Northwood's Music Department

Music has always been an integral part of life at Northwood Temple. The phrase, “I Will Sing” occurs over and over in the Bible, indicating that music is perhaps the most dynamic way of expressing worship to God. Because of the cultural, racial, and denominational variety included in our church family, we sing praise and worship songs in a number of styles, not to exclude old hymns and gospel songs.

In our services the choir primarily leads the worship. Choir members realize that they are the ones who set the atmosphere for our people. If they are intent on giving all to Jesus in song, then the congregation will capture the same spirit.


Music Staff
Buck Hodge has been the minister of music at Northwood for over forty years. He coordinates all the services, as well as producing the Easter and Christmas Celebrations.  Sarah Williams joined the staff in 2008 as children’s director and orchestra coordinator.