World Missions

About Us


In response to our Lord’s command to make disciples of all nations, we have established a non-profit 501 (c) (3) Christian humanitarian organization called Mercy International. We believe in a holistic ministry which addresses both spiritual and physical needs. 
 Medical Team in Nigeria, October 2007


Our Philosophy

We believe the best way to achieve a lasting improvement in situations of poverty is to mobilize and empower people by helping them fulfill their needs and dreams. Rather than pressing a pre-conceived agenda when we go into a country, we attempt to find what a particular community needs and come alongside nationals who take ownership and responsibility in the ministry. They then take pride in what they have accomplished; consequently, they protect what has been done! Many organizations “do” for the nationals, and when they leave an area, the project falls flat because the nationals have no personal investment in it.

Our Method

We send in teams, usually medical teams, who scout out the needs in a specific area. We make friends with the nationals, treat them medically, meet the government officials, and listen to them to find out their felt needs. We evaluate how we can use our resources to best benefit them. Our work is always designed to make the project indigenous. The Congo Project is an example.