Satan doesn't want you to study revelation

June 06, 2017

Of all the books in the Bible Satan dislikes Genesis and Revelation more than any other. He hates Genesis because it was there that a curse was put upon him and his doom was sealed. He hates Revelation because it was there that the final blow goes to his head and he is destroyed first for 1000 years and then for all ages to come – forever and ever amen!
Revelation is the most remarkable book in the whole sacred Bible. Revelation tells us about the reign of Christ on this earth. Satan wants control of all the earth. Revelation tells of Christ’s complete and eternal victory over Satan. Revelation describes Satan’s defeat and punishment. And it has been written down so that all can see it and understand it. All people who have ever existed have had the pleasure of seeing the doom of Satan. No wonder Satan doesn’t want you to study and read the book of Revelation.
Revelation is not a riddle. It is just the opposite – an unveiling. A mystery which has been veiled for ages has been unveiled so that the simplest Christian can see that Satan has been totally defeated at the Cross.
Revelation was sent and signified by the angel to John. The deaf and dumb have signals and symbols for their sign language. Revelation has symbols. Each gesture for the deaf and dumb is filled with meaning. So is every sign in Revelation. There are 300 symbols in this book and each has a definite meaning. Symbols are wonderful and speak great truths.
The book is the Revelation of Jesus Christ, not the revelation of John. It is not the revelation of the growth of the church, but it is the Revelation of Jesus Christ! It was given by Christ Himself to John (Revelation 1:1, 2). The book deals with the return of the Lord to this earth. It deals and describes the readiness or un-readiness of the Church for this great happening (3:20). The Lord is at hand! Are you ready if He should return today?
This past Sunday morning in both services, the church was filled with expectancy and anointing. In the second service alone some 10 to 15 people asked Christ to come into their hearts. No wonder Satan hates it when we study Revelation.
I ask you to bring your family and your friends and be ready for a tremendous time as we study together on Sunday morning at 8:30 and 10:50.

Your Pastor,
John Hedgepeth

Sunday, 8:30 AM & 10:50 AM: Christ's Message to the Seven Churches
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